Q-Sys | The company

Q-Sys has been formed by a small group of industry specialists with over 50 years experience in precision positioning systems, motion control and associated technologies. With our education and sound knowledge of mechanics, control engineering, mechatronics, electrical and software engineering, we are the right partner to translate your specifications into real solutions. By making the right choices from for example different types of drive technologies and encoding techniques we can provide cost effective solutions for all kind of motion control and positioning applications, including the following areas :

  • Large format digital printing
  • Semiconductor wafer probing and scanning
  • Laser welding and cutting
  • Holographic master creation
  • FPD mastering
  • X-ray and optical inspection

Q-Sys offers a complete service, from initial application assessment, through feasibility and costing studies, system design, manufacture and calibration. Needless to say that on-site installation is also part of our services. Bespoke system design is a speciality and we also offer a complete turnkey system capability for multi-supplier configurations with full CE conformity for the overall package

Q-Sys delivers a package of services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need a single prototype designed and built or you want a source for series machine assembly, Q-Sys is the right partner. For feasibility studies, system engineering, manufacture, testing, calibration, on-site installation and maintenance, you can come to us.

To conclude with Q-Sys offers support to customer who own Anorad products. This can vary from service, maintenance and repair to upgrades.







Dual axes optical metrology platform