Q-Sys | Customers & activities

”It's our challenge to find a solution for your application.”

Q-Sys focusses on customers in different markets. Common denominator of these customers is their applications with specific demands in the field of motion. Key items are:

  • Geometrical and positioning accuracy
  • Acceleration and speed
  • Natural frequencies and bandwidth

Our customers are mainly, but not solely, located in Europe and are either industrial players or reputable research institutes. Our scope of supply can vary from bespoke actuators (single axis) till very complex platforms with many coordinated motion axes and integrated peripheral equipment like lasers and cameras.

Q-Sys offers a comprehensive service, ranging from initial analysis of the application and feasibility and cost studies. This process can be succeeded by system design, assembly and calibration. Obviously we also provide on site installation. Design and assembly of bespoke systems are our specialty which goes as far as the supply of turn key machines. In the case of the latter we will take responsibility for integration of third party components with safety and CE conformity in mind.

A small selection of projects we are (were) involved:

  • X-ray inspection machines
  • Solar cell production stations
  • Research platforms for synchrotrons
  • Air bearing platforms for FPD mastering
  • Inspection stations for print heads
  • Laser machining platforms
  • Digital flatbed printers
  • Air bearing platforms for calibration purposes







Base translation stage for a synchrotron